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Inspiration from the Cutting Edge

Monthly highlights from the JUXT team’s internal “Inspiration” Slack channel.

Building Native Desktop Apps with Web Tech

A guide on how to use GitHub’s Electron to create a desktop application.

The Top NFL Spiral Plays You Gotta See

Last month, we were proud to announce our involvement designing, developing, and launching the NFL’s latest digital channel: NFL Spiral.


When we found ourselves with a pile of rubber ducks we made music with them.

NFL Spiral is Live

NFL tasked JUXT with creating an exciting mobile website that fosters fan engagement in trending game information. Check it out now!

JJ And JUXT, A Perfect Match

We've found a highly-decorated creative officer in the form of John "JJ" Jakubowski as JUXT's new Head of Creative.

Welcome new employees in style, or else.

But there it was: an empty workstation. No computer. No chair. No desk supplies. No phone. What the hell did I get myself into?

First Impressions and Second Chances: Learn to Discern

As little kids we had a simple, rectangular, hand-made plywood toy box in our garage. It had the words SLAVES FOR SALE written on it in black marker.

The Rewards of Failure: Seeds for Success

I remember the first time I was laid off. It was the year 2000, when all the clocks stopped working (not), and the dot-bomb continued to turn our lovely city of San Francisco into a financial ghost town.

JUXT wins the grand prize at the Adobe & SoDA Creative Jam

JUXT Senior Designers Dani Morales and Bryan Hawkins win the grand prize at Adobe and SoDA's Creative Jam competition.

JUXT Named as the newest Member of Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA)

We're happy to have joined the club here at JUXT... SoDA (the Society of Digital Agencies) is a highly selective invitation-only association of the world's top digital agencies. And we've been invited to join.

Don't Hire Rockstars: Hire Great Teammates!

Rockstars. Sigh.

The Power of Humility

The entire universe is made up of never-ending cycles that manifest as rising and falling; beginning and ending. They may seem sad, or unfortunate, but they're actually quite natural. Everything goes through them. Everything.

Initiative! Build Your Team Like a D&D Party

If people are doing what they love in their careers then work is like play for them. When hiring it's important to find employees that really, really like what they do. Hard work will come naturally, and they'll create a positive energy for those around them in the process.

Connecting with Conscious Consumers

Before jumping in I want to define consciousness in the context of this article. I'm not talking about simply being awake and aware of ones surroundings, though clearly one must have this to be a customer. Right?

Embracing Change

Just like machines, we as living beings experience never-ending change.

Press Release: Design for Experience Win for Agency Team

Denver / San Francisco - April 11, 2014 – Curating a team of people from all over the world with a wealth of different backgrounds and experiences and enabling them to communicate effectively has won JUXT the Design for Experience award for Effective Agency Team.

JUXT wins Design for Experience Award

Put the premium on communication. JUXT Wins Effective Agency Team Design for Experience Awards. 2014 UX Magazine.

JUXT wins BtoB Best Creative Out-of-Home

BtoB's recognition of Times Square Dunk Tank is another meaningful seal of recognition from the industry for this innovative campaign.

JUXT is hiring!

JUXT is growing, and we're looking for fantastic people to join our awesome team.

Nomination by iMedia for Best Digital OOH Agency

Dunk Tank won big with the latest, most advanced demonstration to date of how digital billboards can leverage social media in innovative ways and using gesture recognition innovations to transform the medium into a new form of "advertainment".

JUXT Art Director's Photo Show "7 West"

Our very own Sean Metcalf has a day-job here as an Art Director, but is always tapping his photographic talents.

Electric Motorcycles and the Internet of Things

We're not just designing interfaces, we need to design systems. We need to consider the complete ecosystem where things, companies, and people are connected.

Turn Down the Data Noise

You have to transform data into something that is clear and actionable by both you and your consumers.

GSX Wins Big at EX!

For the fourth year in a row, our work on Cisco's GSX took home the highest honor - the EX Award for the BEST LIVE+DIGITAL PROGRAM (B-TO-B) and second place for the BEST GLOBAL CAMPAIGN.

Dunk Tank Makes a Splash

The Communicator Awards, a design-centric marketing awards program has awarded our Times Square Dunk Tank project with its highest level out of more than 6,000 entries.

Make Some Noise!

Scion GhostGlass wins a coveted FWA Award.

Cisco nominated for EX Award

For the fourth year in a row, our work on Cisco's GSX has been named as a finalist for an EX Award, the experiential marketing industry's highest honor.

Dunk Tank wins AME Award

JUXT's Times Square Dunk Tank project for Clear Channel won the 2013 AME Silver Medallion in the Out of Home Category.

The Six Million Dollar Designer

Over the years the craftsmen and women of the marketing, design, and advertising business have also been imbued with great power.

Creating a Culture

While the final decisions rested with each discipline lead, we were keenly aware that we were creating a community and that the chemistry of our office was being shaped with each hire we made.

Escaping the Screen

The Internet of Everything calls for the Design of Everything. It means considering people, process, data and things - where a screen may be a thing among many things, or not there at all.

Agency Tech Hiring to Succeed

JUXT is a small agency that is growing quickly. As we grow the technology team, how do we ensure that we bring in the right folks? What skillsets do we want them to have? How do we make sure that they will fit into the culture that we are trying to establish here at JUXT?

PacSun GSOM FWA Site of the Day

FWA has honored the PacSun: Golden State of Mind website with a Site of the Day award.

PacSun GSOM Honored with Comm Arts WOW

The team over at Communication Arts awarded JUXT's latest work for PacSun with a Webpick of the Week.

Zombies From Within

It's a boy meets dog, boy accidentally kills dog, boy reanimates dog, dog makes a whole bunch o' ZOMBIES! kind of love story...

JUXT Makes a Big Splash in Times Square

What we came up with was equal parts vaudeville, carnival game, and vintage Venice Beach.

JUXT and Clear Channel Take Over Times Square

Soon after Clear Channel named JUXT a preferred partner for its network of clients, the media giant tapped the agency to create an unprecedented engagement for Times Square.

JUXT Adds New Client to the Roster: Aquarium of the Pacific

JUXT Interactive will be working alongside the good folks at the Aquarium of the Pacific to build an iPad app that will be used in an upcoming campaign for the non-profit.


We're proud and excited to announce that all the hard work and late nights spent on the Scion Surface Experience have paid off in the form of an FWA.


JUXT will be taking part in a panel called Virtual Gets Physical: The Future of Installations.

Scion LA Auto Show

The Scion Surface Experience got a lot of attention at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

Honda at LA Auto Show

The Honda iPad Wheelstand App is the first digital window sticker, and LA Auto Show attendees were the first to experience it.