Aquarium of the Pacific
iPad Application
The Aquarium of the Pacific wanted a fresh way to present their newest fundraising campaign. Putting it all on an iPad was a novel approach for an institutional fundraising effort. The objective was to replace the Aquarium’s outdated presentation format with something more personal, more interactive, and more reflective of the groundbreaking nature of the Pacific Visions expansion campaign. A digital tablet format was an obvious starting point for what would be a complete overhaul of the traditional fundraising presentation to date.

Doing away with static, paper documents and “leave-behinds”, we designed a user-friendly digital application for the iPad that staff members could use to outline the new Pacific Visions plan. We curated new imagery, designed vibrant illustrations, and created a new video that captured the magic of the project.

This new, environmentally friendly digital platform allowed Aquarium staff to tailor the presentation to specific audience interests and passion points, leveraging the power of custom touch technology to support the ever-evolving future fundraising efforts of the Aquarium of the Pacific.

The Aquarium of the Pacific viewed the app as an instrumental asset in their work to raise capital for their expansion. If you're interested in donating, you contact the Aquarium here.