Touch Wall
We introduced the all-new Toyota Prius with a totally hands-on digital experience that drew crowds to the Toyota auto show space. We called it the Touch Wall. Our goal was three-fold: position Toyota as an innovative company by creating a unique digital experience at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit; attract people to the space; and show them the all-new 2011 Toyota Prius.

We created a first-of-its-kind, 60-square-foot digital touch experience that allowed consumers to explore videos, photos, and custom content through a larger-than-life interactive surface. It was crafted to tell three key brand stories, each centered on a different aspect of the Prius. A wealth of content was used to help bring the Technology, Safety, and Lifestyle stories to life for the audience, including three levels of play built into the interactive user experience that made it both fun to touch and memorable. Finally, pathways were created to guide attendees to connect via their smart phone, request more information, and identify local dealers.

We leveraged JUXT’s customizable CMS platform to enable Toyota and its agencies to update the Touch Wall’s content on the fly, enabling product specialists and consumers alike to have access to the most up-to-date information and content available. And it enabled Toyota’s event team to amortize the hardware costs be creating a system that could be kept current year over year.