The Hunt Reality Game
For the second year in a row, we challenged the engineering-minded Cisco sales force to collaboratively solve a labyrinth of puzzles in a global alternate-reality game (ARG) format. The objective was to engage the Cisco global sales force with a collaborative, competitive, digital, and experiential learning experience as a part of Cisco’s FY11 Global Sales Experience (their annual worldwide sales conference).

We worked with No Mimes Media to craft an approachable alternate reality game called The Hunt. The Hunt turned the sales force into active participants in an immersive action thriller. The twists and turns of the story unfolded through cinematic videos and narratives. Fictional characters came to life through Facebook, Twitter, and email. Participants used real Cisco tools to communicate and collaborate across 24 time zones around the globe. In the end, the global Cisco team was able to unravel the mysteries of The Hunt. Players not only solved puzzles, but also became part of the story by contributing content. Breaking free from pure digital gameplay, we drove users to find clues hidden in locations around the world, further fostering a sense of global collaboration and company unity.

We enabled the audience to take part in a gameplay experience that fostered global cross-business unit collaboration without compromising their busy and important work schedules. Players spent over 10-minutes a day, every day, for the two weeks leading up to the main sessions of the event and arrived at the event invigorated by what they had accomplished as a worldwide team.